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Founded in 2013, English Connection opened at Korablestroitelei 32k1 to be near students.

Close to the centre, close to home, the atmosphere is engaging and productive.


Our students are motivated learners. We give our very best to help them reach their goals.

We teach local children and their parents at our office, prominent businessmen from the IT industry and the gas industry, and corporate clients at their offices.


Our mission is to lead our students to fluent English.

This comes with teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, as well as automating skills and building up reflexes.

There is no language barrier. Students learn to speak English fluently and confidently with Resource Education methodology and materials.

Our Teachers  

Our team of teachers is carefully selected and trained by our directors and co-founders.

What we look for in our teachers is professionalism, devotion and charisma.

In addition to their education, teachers follow an intensive initial training in the Resource Education methodology and materials. Then, throughout their work, teachers follow regular teacher training seminars to maintain the high level of teaching at English Connection

Testimonials from our students on Vkontakte

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