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Learn English

for all your needs and goals

We build students up to fluency in English:

  • correct grammar

  • extensive active vocabulary

  • clear pronunciation

  • automated skills and reflexes

  • confident speech

  • no language barrier


Learn to speak English confidently and fluently!

Individual lessons

Study English individually at the day and time of your convenience. 

Prepare for your exams, your job interviews or any of your specific needs with a tailored course program.


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Corporate education

Prepare your teams to take your business on a new scale. Do business internationally.

We tailor our courses to your specific needs. Have your team learn English for general purposes or for specific purposes like sales, customer service, IT, gas, customer development, business, negotiations and many more.


Exam Preparation

We know exams matter.

Prepare for your Russian state exams or for any international language exam (Cambridge young learners, IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, etc.).

Ensure a bright future with these exams to allow you to study or work abroad.

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Groups for kids

Make sure your children learn to speak English fluently and confidently.

Not only do they need to use English correctly, they need to do so with ease and confidence. Develop accuracy, pronunciation and fluency all together.

Children build their reflexes and automate their skills in groups. It's fun and efficient.

Groups for adults

Develop your English skills in a efficient way.

Build your reflexes in English, automate your skills in groups. Develop accuracy, pronunciation and fluency all together.

You will speak English confidently and fluently, no more language barrier whatsoever.

Speaking clubs

Maintain your English speaking skills in speaking clubs and movie clubs.

Engaging speaking clubs at English Connection use professional materials from TED Talks,, cinematography, literature and similar sources for an engaging English speaking experience.

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