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Know all our prices beforehand

Kids Groups
Academic year | 2 lessons per week | September to May
Kids develop their English skills in an engaging and productive way. Classroom and homework focuses on all aspects (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reflexes, fluency, etc.).
Exam preparation is part of the course programs (speaking, listening, writing, use of English).
We teach children to speak English fluently and confidently.


PRICE: about 6 400p. / month with a Russian teacher and

9 600p. / month with a Native teacher

Individual Lessons
Schedule to your availability | minimum 2 lessons a week
Prepare for your Russian state or international exams, your business trips or holidays, your job interviews or business meetings in individual lessons.
We will tailor your course program and the materials to your specific needs and goals.

PRICE: 16 000p. (Russian teacher) and 24 000p. (Native teacher) for 10 academic hours

Corporate Education
At your office | Schedule to your availability
We tailor our courses to the specific needs and goals of your team. Prepare your team to take your business to a whole new level. Do business internationally.
Our courses include general English communication skills, business English communication skills, public speaking in English, English communicational skills for IT teams, customer service in English, sales in English, business negotiations and entrepreneurship in English.

PRICE: 3 000p. / academic hour for general purposes and
to-be-determined for specific purposes
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