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ЕГЭ Exam Preparation

The aim of this course is to make ЕГЭ Exam Preparation as effective and efficient as possible given the current level of the student.

Our goal as teachers is to help our students achieve the best grade they can given their current level of English.

We are going to learn and practice motivation techniques and exam preparation strategies to ensure that our students take and pass their ЕГЭ exam in the best conditions possible. We are not going to focus on developing English skills in this course, only on exam taking strategies.
This very practical 16 academic hour course, is divided into several problematics and solutions to devise the best exam taking strategies, how to implement them and how to automate them in our students.

The course is separated into problematics and solutions as such:

  • Problematic 1: What principles does the ЕГЭ exam follow and how do those help or hinder our students’ success?

    • Solutions:

      • Overview of exam parts

      • Overview of exam grading criteria

      • Student motivation and engagement

      • Mock exams and student grading sheets

  • ​​Problematic 2: What are the best exam strategies for Reading and Listening parts and how do we automate them in our students?

    • Solutions:

      • Reading strategy for exams

      • Listening strategy for exams

      • Student attention: arrogance versus confidence

      • Automating the strategies

      • The strength of keywords

  • ​​Problematic 3: What difficulties do students face at the Use of English part and how do we help students face up to the challenge?

    • Solutions:

      • Word transformation automation and activities

      • Accuracy strategies

  • ​​Problematic 4: How can we help our students get maximum points at the Speaking and Writing parts of the exam?

    • Solutions: 

      • Argumentation and the pyramid of “I’m right”

      • Structures of answers expected

      • Automating structures and strategies

      • Brainstorming, outlining and reverse engineering

      • Building dexterity


By the end of the course, we will have outlined and practiced clear strategies for our students to take and pass the ЕГЭ exam to the best of their abilities. We will also have developed strategies to automate structures and approaches. We will finally have solved the key question of how to ensure our students get the maximum grade for the current level of English they have.

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